Hiking with Dad,  was a Commission I  completed a few months ago. The father really like the photo I worked from and wanted to know if I could paint it for him. Of course I agreed and the final pastel of this of which he is over joyed with, now hangs in his office. I love working in Pastels, and Oils. and love painting all sorts of different scenes.

Red & Blue is an older painting, that was created with the direct intent to play with the colors, the two main center colors helped to set the distance in the sky and the Yellow foreground set the rest of the scene creating a wonderful glow. There are only 4 shapes keeping the painting simple yet very effective. I have always been intrigued with the effects of colors against each other.

I have been painting a lot as of late and this is one of them.
I recently went to Grand Junction, for the Mile High International Show, open reception at the Art Center. It had a great turn out and Beautiful Art works by Artists from around the World, Juried by renown artist Lorenzo Chavez. The following day I went up into the Monument to photograph for future paintings.
Recently I also attended the PAAC 17th Annual National Juried Exhibition 2013 Abend Gallery. With some amazing art.
 Travel seems to be on my mind alot as of late. Wish I could do it more.
                                                                               I am Greatful for all things in my Life,
                                                                               and I wish you all the very Best.       

I have been painting a lot as of late. This is one of them.
Sunrise Glow a pastel on Canson MT 10x13. I was out very early on morning take photos from a 12 story roof top, this painting is from one of those photos. I really liked the yellow and orange glow of the sky & the very bright light yellow as the sun came up. I have also recieved New Gallery Representation as well. Things are looking up. I also attended the workshop of Ken Elliott and Casey Klahn at the Madden Museum of Art in Green woodvillage, in early July, with several very talented artist, Lee McVey, Sabrina Stiles. It was great fun watching & learning as they each moved into new realms.
The great knowledge that I get from watching everyone and listing to their thoughts. I am truely blessed in the life I have. I would like to thanks all my friends new and old for being a part of my life.

I recently had the adventure of a life time, and not to far from home.
I traveled to Alburquerque New Mexico for the 10th bi annual IAPS convention. (IAPS) International Association of Pastel Societies.
What a wonderful time I had.
I left Denver at 5 am on Wednesday the 5th of June 2013. Stoped in Taos NM for lunch and to site see for a few hours before heading in to alburquerque. Upon my arrival at the Hotel Alburquerque I ran into many old friends and meet several new one. This went on till monday evening, meeting old friends and making new one. Wednesday evening I enjoyed the 2013 IAPS Pastel world Exhibition which included the 2nd Masters Circle and the 22nd Juried Exhibition. The incredible art work in these show was just that incredible and held in the same location.
Works by Liz Haywood Sullivan, Gary Huber, Barbara Jaenicke, Alen Flattmann,Sally Strand, Mike Beeman, Tom Christopher, Diane Fechenbach, Karen Margulis, Diane Rappisi, Marsha Savage, Lorraine Trenholm, Kim Lordier, & Casey Klahn to name a few, as well as a few of the Teachers and Demo artist like Stan Sperlak, Doug Dawson, Lorenzo Chavez, Desmond O'Hagan.
I had the honor of having dinner with Stan Sperlak, Kim Lordier, Dan Peck, Terry Ludwig, Marsha Savage, and many others,
Thurday morning I had the honor to go out and paint with Stan, Kim & Dan as well. There were dinners I attended Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, as well, the food was great and the company & conversations was even better. Friday was the opening of the famed Candy store where the vendors displayed their wares, WOW was this a site to see.  Many of the vendors had great artist doing Demos at their boths, names like Lee McVey, Margaret Evans, Natasha Isenhour.  Monday before I returned to Denver I went out and painted with the most incredible group of artist, The phot above includes from lert to right Rich & Peggy Orbon, Gary Huber
John Haile, Virginia Unseld, Dan Peck, Jeanne Smith, Marsha Savage, Clark Mitchell, Barbara Jaenicke,
Lee McVey, Tom Christopher, Stan Sperlak, Lorenzo Chavez, Kim Lordier, and me Scott Leckrone. not seen in this photo who painted with us but had to leave early was Margaret Evans. I had a wonderful time, and I thank everyone for their kindness

I thought I would share some of my preference's in Pastels:
I perfer Soft Pastels to Hard,  Although I use both.
These are mainly the pastels I use : - Terry Ludwig - Schmincke - Unison & NuPastel.
When it comes to paper :  I perfer to use Canson Mi Teintes;  as for sanded papers
I like Wallis, UArt, Colour Fix, Pastel Board, as well as the new Canson Touch.
Normally I choice a White or Black Color, but do use a few other colors as well.
I use only a couple of tools, a color shaper - hog bristle and soft brush and my fingers or side of my hand for shaping and blending
I am a studio Artist but paint out doors as well, painting out doors help me to see nature as it is.
 I take lots of photos as reference, but do not totally adhere to them,
adding or subtracting elements that work or don't work.
I try not to get caught up in to many details, as I want to the viewer to still be able to know what it is.

My Good Friend Ken Elliott. Who works in Pastels, Oils. Monotypes, & Giclee. You can follow him at For the Color art  blog.  http://forthecolor.blogspot.com/   
or his Website at   http://www.kenelliott.com/index.html
Here are a few of Kens Painting.

I thought I would post some quotes I really like by other artist.

Pastels are the dust on butterflies  wings   "Wolf Kahn"

I would Like to paint the way a bird sings   "Claude Monet"

Anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the vision,  it is the seeing
of the thing that makes it so.    "Charles Hawthorne"

Beauty   the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or
subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole. 
"Leon Battista Alberti"

Think of color instead of sand   Think of color instead of clothes
color first and house after, not house first and color after.
Let color make form  do not make form and color it
"Charles Hawthorne"

I invent nothing. I rediscover  "Auguste Rodin"

I don't go places to see anything pre-select, I like to be taken by suprise.
It is bad enough that there is a tendency, we all share, to look for what we already know.
"Wolf Kahn"

For me when it comes to creating Art, there are no rules .
Except one and that is to create.   "Scott A. Leckrone